2013 Boston Marathon

Good Morning Vietnam,
More ‘copters than any playoff game,
I shook my haze,

Naps end quickly in an unexpected soundscape.
Faster than ever dressing to find out what’s outside.
no one knows when control of cell phones is so great.

Leaving the apartment where I’ve remained whole.
Heading against the traffic retreating in schools.
My library, the place which made my winter,
The BPL must remain whole.
Breaking barricade, pushing through police,
Frantic to see the facade, that familiar face.
Cattulus, and the importance of education must not be defaced.


Lovers of Pompeii


The ground shook
and the skies turned

What looked like snow
falling from the sky
was actually the ashes
of our doomsday.

But we thought nothing
of it until we heard
the cries and saw
people running
trying to get out
of the way.

Who thought that the
thick, burning, molten
rock would mold us
into personalized
tombstones and slow
the process of our

I held you tightly
and you kissed me
and we then became
the doomsday lovers
of Pompeii.